I'm a people strategy expert and executive coach. My passion is to help leaders build high-performing organizations with company cultures that awesome people want to join and rarely leave! I particularly enjoy working with small fast-growing companies that are in the process of going big, and that want to have a sound strategy for building a culture that will fuel their growth. For me the intrigue is in building and evolving, versus maintaining and managing.

I believe and know from experience that you can accelerate productivity and efficiency in organizations by A LOT when you take time to create and implement effective people and culture strategy. The concept is relatively simple: know what you want, create a plan for how to get there, and implement it consistently throughout your organization over time. On a micro-level it's also about being proactive and addressing the day-to-day people issues - before they grow into bigger more complex problems that will slow down your overall momentum. What's hard is the discipline to be proactive and consistent when you spend your day fighting fires. I help executives define their organization's people and culture strategy. And I help executives and managers be proactive and more effective in how they manage, interact and influence people.

My background is in human resources and organizational development, and I spent over 10 years as an HR executive building high-growth international software companies such as SpeechWorks and Endeca Technologies. I joined these organizations when they had 80-110 employees, and I helped them grow to 400-500 employees within three short years. I also have experience managing through major organizational change – acquisitions, layoffs, leadership changes, and IPO.

In terms of education, I trained directly with David Rock in the brain-based approach for executive coaching for results, and I have a Master's degree in Business Communications and Organizational Behavior from Emerson College.

Our Consultants
We employ a variety of consultants on an as-needed basis. Our belief is that personality and culture fit, as well as domain expertise, play an important role in the success of our consulting. Therefore, we take extra care to match the right consultant to the right project and client.

Our Strategic Partners
When it comes to building the HR infrastructure and supporting rapid organizational growth, we partner with a variety of vendors. These pre-established partnerships allows us to speed up your HR set up process and to connect you with trusted external resources when needed.

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